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Try Analysis | England vs. South Africa

Try Analysis | England vs. South Africa

England Try Analysis

1. Extra number created immediately from the lineout. Number 9 moves from the lineout to receive the ball from the top and passes to Number 8.

2. Number 8 uses good skills to pass to Number 10 in space. The decoy runners were perfect – the best decoy lines are when the runner thinks they may receive the ball. The best angle to observe this from is behind the posts.

3. Excellent draw and pass from number 14 and 15. Great team try from England.



1. 在争球后马上形成了以多打少的局面:9号往场上移动,接住争到的球并传给了8号。

2. 8号用他精湛的传球技术在夹缝中传给了10号。跑动掩护的动作十分完美——最好的掩护跑动是连跑位的球员都认为他应该会接到球。观察这动作的最佳角度是在传球点后。

3. 14号和15号间出色的吸引传球。这是来自英格兰的一次漂亮的团队胜利。



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