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The TR7S concept has developed for the sole purpose of growing rugby in Asia and in particular, China. With the lack of premium rugby products in China, TR7S have brought to life an avenue for products to be purchased with next day shipping and excellent customer service.



We believe in providing premium quality goods and all our products are genuine originals with official licenses to sell online.

Customer Service

We offer bilingual customer service in English and Chinese, also we can be contacted by email at info@tr7.store where we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.


Used by Pros

Most of our products are used by international teams and world-class players and have been hand-picked by our founders who are current players and coaches with over 30 years of experience. Our management still play professionally and administrate the game, experiencing what players require to perform at their best, week in, week out.


Secure Ordering Online

We accept most western debit/credit cards through a secure payments system, we also accept payments through WeChat and AliPay accounts. This ensures that you can pay easily and safely for your goods.