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Try Analysis | Leinster vs. Saracens



Try Analysis | Leinster vs. Saracens

Leinster Try Analysis

1. The maul is used to draw in potential defenders. Once the majority of the Saracens pack have committed to the mall, the Leinster halfback gets the ball to the backs.

2. Excellent positioning and timing from the Leinster 10 and 14.

3. Notice the width the 11 remains at to keep his opposite number from making a definite decision.

4. Perfect line and pace onto the ball from the 15.


1. 利用冒尔吸引潜在的防守,一旦大部分Saracens的防守队员集中到冒尔的位置,Leinster的传锋马上把球传出给后卫。

2. 留意10号和14号出色的跑位和时机。

3. 注意11号站位的宽度,他让对位的防守队员无法做出明确的防守决定。

4. 15号跑动接球的完美动线和节奏奠定了这一球的胜利。


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