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Try Analysis | New Zealand vs. Australia

Try Analysis | New Zealand vs. Australia

New Zealand Try Analysis

1. One of the greatest set plays in All Blacks and Wallabies history. Notice the difference in numbers in the lineout, not allowed in modern rugby. Once Australia lose the lineout they don’t have enough defenders in the backline.

2. Number 10 creates space by running across the field, when the defence mirrors him, he uses the straight running of the number 12 who passes to number 13.

3. Number 13 creates confusion in the defence by turning around and having the number 3 and 7 create a temporary maul.

4. A double ‘switch’ play from numbers 13, 11 and 14 creates perfect deception for the number 14 to just get around the Wallabies number 12 and make a line break.

5. Perfect draw and pass to the All Blacks 15 and one of the greatest international tries is scored!



1. 这是新西兰全黑队与澳大利亚袋鼠队在对战历史中最成功的战术部署之一。注意在争球区域的人数差异,这是在现代橄榄球战术中不会出现的。一旦澳大利亚在争球中失败了,他们就没有足够的防守队员在后场参与防御。

2. 当防守队员一对一紧防10号的时候,他依靠12号传球给13号之后的直跑吸引防守的空当,跑过大半个场来创造空位。

3. 13号通过转身并让3号和7号为他做了一个临时冒尔来迷惑防守。

4. 一个13号、11号和14号打成的换位战术成功欺骗了防守,让14号直接突破了澳大利亚的防线。

5. 一个完美的吸引传球给到新西兰15号,让这一个配合得分成为了国际赛场上其中一个最棒的达阵。



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