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Try Analysis | Reds vs. Waratahs

Try Analysis | Reds vs. Waratahs

Waratahs Try Analysis


1. This is called a second phase play by professional teams. Which means a set play is performed by the team from a ruck.

2. Notice the three forwards run around the ruck away from the camera, creating a decoy and forcing the defence to mirror them.

3. As the play unfolds, watch the Reds number 11 return to the edge of the field he is usually positioned on.

4. This creates the hole for the Waratahs fullback to fly through the gap at pace. Also, notice where he starts running from – behind the Waratahs number 10. Perfect pass from number 6, brilliantly executed try.



1. 这是职业球队做出的二次进攻,在拉克之后进攻队员马上组织战术。

2. 注意三个前锋绕着倒地集团跑动,制造了一个假进攻,迫使防守队员盯紧边防线。

3. 随着比赛的展开,Reds11号回到了他场边的位置。

4. 防守的跑动露出了防线的空当,Waratahs的最后卫全速攻破。另外留意他从哪里开始跑——10号的后面。还有6号的完美传球,这是一次执行出色的达阵。



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