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Try Analysis | Worcester vs. London Irish



Try Analysis | Worcester vs. London Irish

Try Analysis

1. Excellently executed backline play from a maul.

2. The advantage of using a maul to launch a play from is that it attracts more defensive players.

3. Notice the 10 for White coming from inside the 12 as the 13 attracts the attention of the defenders. 13 executes his role perfectly.

4. The 10 then needs to ensure he forces the opposition to try to tackle him which gives the 15 space and his speed does the rest.





1. 冒尔后backline战术执行出色。

2. 利用冒尔执行进攻的优势在于可以吸引更多的防守球员。

3. 注意在13号吸引了防守的时候,10号从12号的内侧切入了进攻。13号完美执行了他的角色。

4. 10号需要确保他能吸引对位的防守球员来扑搂他,从而给15号冲破防守的空间,剩下的就看15号的速度了。


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