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Try of the Week | Otago vs. Hawke's Bay

Try of the Week | Otago vs. Hawke's Bay

Hawke’s Bay won the Ranfurly Shield from Otago, sealed by a try in the 76th minute. The Ranfurly Shield is the most prestigious silverware in NZ’s domestic competition. It can only be won by a challenger team beating the defender of the shield, at their home ground. Hawke’s Bay will defend the shield against Northland in a fortnight.

这场比赛的第76分钟的一次达阵,让Hawke's Bay从Otago手里赢得了Ranfurly Shield。Ranfurly Shield是新西兰国内比赛中最负盛名的奖章,各队伍只能通过在奖章持有队的主场打败主队才能获得奖章。Hawke's Bay将在两周后在主场接受Northland的挑战。


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