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Try of the Week | Rebels vs. Western Force



Try of the Week | Rebels vs. Western Force

Set Play Analysis

1. Perfect ‘hip’ line from the 14. Staying hidden until very late in the play makes this hard to defend.

2. Excellent diversion from the 12 and 13 who run an ‘X’ or ‘cross’ play. Those advanced in their knowledge of rugby take note of the 13’s running line – at the inside shoulder of the opposition defender, which nullifies the chances of an obstruction being called whilst also creating the gap for the 14 to run into.

3. Brilliant timing of the pass from 10 should not be underestimated – this move was practised a lot in order to be executed like this!

4. We should also never forget the forwards who have laid the perfect platform to attack from.




1. 14号的完美掩护,他在比赛中一直“隐身”直到战术开打,这使得防守变得很困难。


2. 12号和13号的“X”或者说是“剪刀”战术转移了防守的注意力。有橄榄球知识的人注意到13号的跑动路线——在对方防守队员的防守内侧,这在没有犯规的前提下阻挡了防守,同时也给14号造成了进攻的空位。


3. 10号的精彩传球时机不应该被低估——这一招练习得很多,就是为了达到这样的效果!


4. 我们也不应该忽略那些为我们提供了完美进攻机会的前锋们。


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